Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams occupies this role. She is stunning and gifted. Her beauty is matched by her talent. She’s sexy too. This is my review and I’ve kept out spoilers … Read the rest “Take This Waltz”

28 Days Later & President Trump Bashing

This film has had more votes than most any horror on IMDB. I watched it and recorded my thoughts in a walk-through. I added a Trump bashing part to … Read the rest “28 Days Later & President Trump Bashing”

What I’ve Been Watching 3/10/2019

I talk about the films I’ve seen in the past week or so: The Descent Part 2, Isn’t it Romantic, Burning Bright, The Predator (2018), Pari, Possum, 10 Years, … Read the rest “What I’ve Been Watching 3/10/2019”

Insidious: the last key

A fairly good prequel to the franchise. The Elise character gets a background and it’s scary fun. Listen to my review and decide if you’d like to see it. … Read the rest “Insidious: the last key”

The Fly (1986)

Goldblum broke out in this film and everybody was talking about “The Fly!” in 1986. Don’t forget the HOT Geena Davis! Join me in my ruminations and reveries about … Read the rest “The Fly (1986)”

Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix

The Witch, The Ritual, Tusk, Hush, Creep, The Chernobyl Diaries, Creep 2, The Devil’s Candy, A Dark Song, Beyond the Gates. As of 10-04-2018, these 10 horror films were … Read the rest “Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix”

Hellfest, Hearts Beat Loud, Hotel Artemis, Apostle, Goosebumps 2

Here are my reviews of these 5 popular films! I hope you enjoy. Interact with me about them in the comments or on twitter. My handle there is @thedrpodcast… Read the rest “Hellfest, Hearts Beat Loud, Hotel Artemis, Apostle, Goosebumps 2”

Wake in Fright

“Wake in Fright” is a brutal, disturbing film with amazing acting that takes you on a journey you may wish you hadn’t.

Martin Scorcese said, “It left (him) speechless.” … Read the rest “Wake in Fright”

Pod (plus Darling & Jug Face)

Pod is an excellent film directed by the visionary Mickey Keating. His indie films usually include the stunning actress Lauren Ashley Carter, who I enjoy watching on screen very … Read the rest “Pod (plus Darling & Jug Face)”

Stranger Than Fiction

I can’t really put into words what I love about this film, but I do … lots. It’s a drama with some comedy that actually marks Will Ferrell’s first … Read the rest “Stranger Than Fiction”