Operation Razorteeth

When flesh-eating piranhas are accidentally released into a summer resort’s rivers, the guests become their next meal. Listen to my review and commentary.

Jugface and The Beach Bum

These are two oddities that I really like! Listen to me tell you why!

Pet Sematary (2019)

I have observed modern horror includes both remakes of past hits as well as re imaginings. These span from “Friday the 13th” to “The Fly” and beyond. Here we … Read the rest

Black Rock, Lords of Chaos, & Five Feet Apart

A “What I’ve Been Watching” episode. No spoilers. The first film I want to preview for you is called “Black Rock.” It’s an action revenge horror film and its … Read the rest

The Prodigy (2019)

I review this horror film in this episode with spoilers as a full walk-through. I really liked this film. In my opinion, it’s better than “Us” and I give … Read the rest

Rosemary’s Baby

My monologue on this haunting and creepy award-winning horror movie. I believe much of “Hereditary” owes to this. Dialog w/me through emailing me or DM on Twitter. Join me, … Read the rest

Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams occupies this role. She is stunning and gifted. Her beauty is matched by her talent. She’s sexy too. This is my review and I’ve kept out spoilers … Read the rest

28 Days Later & President Trump Bashing

This film has had more votes than most any horror on IMDB. I watched it and recorded my thoughts in a walk-through. I added a Trump bashing part to … Read the rest

What I’ve Been Watching 3/10/2019

I talk about the films I’ve seen in the past week or so: The Descent Part 2, Isn’t it Romantic, Burning Bright, The Predator (2018), Pari, Possum, 10 Years, … Read the rest

Insidious: the last key

A fairly good prequel to the franchise. The Elise character gets a background and it’s scary fun. Listen to my review and decide if you’d like to see it. … Read the rest