A Separation – Plus 3 other great foreign films w subtitles

Watching this movie “A Separation” I saw a country that was so backward in the way it deals with justice but I also saw just how difficult it might … Read the rest


Just like “Inglorious Bastards” gave free reign to kill and maim Nazis, so “Overlord” creates a green light for gore against those same bastards. On the face of it … Read the rest

Rebel Without a Cause

This film takes place in Los Angeles and focuses on juvenile “delinquent” teenagers in 1955. I picked it to review because I love the film, even though the performances … Read the rest

First Man

I hope you enjoy. Pay attention to the title and the movie will make the most sense. Have you seen it yet? If so you will agree I think … Read the rest

The Grapes of Wrath

I see many comparisons in this 1940 movie to our modern country’s split. What do you think. These are desperate times for many. We shouldn’t ignore that. Things change … Read the rest

The Super, Incident in a Ghost Land, The Bar, Satan’s Slaves

Happy Halloween! In this episode I preview four horror movies: The Super, Incident in a Ghost Land, The Bar, and Satan’s Slaves. I liked some more than others. Have … Read the rest

The Hate U Give, The Strangers: Prey at Night, Only the Brave, I Think We’re Alone Now

This set was very entertaining and moving. At times however, one film “The Hate U Give” had me doing some deep soul searching and that’s not always fun, especially … Read the rest

Beast, Braven, Wildling, Sleepy Hollow

In this episode I preview these popular films: Beast, Braven, Wildling, Sleepy Hollow

Below is the text from my reviews of these films, mostly for archive and SEO purposes. … Read the rest

A Star is Born, 4 Bradley Cooper films, & a Halloween 2018 rant w spoilers

In this episode, I review the films in the title. The two current theater releases are “A Star is Born” and “Halloween 2018.” I want to encourage you to … Read the rest

V for Vendetta

From: thedrpodcast.com – This is a film about revolution both internal and personal as well as a whole country. You can watch it on Netflix before you listen to … Read the rest