Updated 9/3/2018

Hi there, I’m Damien typing to you from the Damien Riley Podcast: aka the DRP.

My podcast is mostly spoken word movie reviews. However, there are other topics once in a while.

In 2018, a lot of my movie reviewing skills came in handy as I measurably grew as a podcaster. I have a unique site in that I broadcast shorter, usually no more than 5 min reviews on my podcast. This is notably shorter than the average podcasts on movies which can reach 2 hours or more in length. I respect those sites but my focus is on short reviews that get you thinking about the movie and maybe watching it again or for the first time. My reviews are spoiler free.

I podcast because I love it. I’ve made hundreds of shows. I also have continued a long term passion of writing movie reviews at my written site: RileyOnFilm.com

I’m an avid movie fan who tries to share his passion through podcasting and writing movie reviews. You read my podcast tweets at @thedrpodcast and my written site ones at @rileyonfilm.

I hope you’ll subscribe to my podcast and blog. My first movie that really sunk in was “Pete’s Dragon” (The original from the 70’s). The second was Star Wars (again, the original). Another recurrent thing I like in movies is when the director plays other roles like writer, or even actor. The more you listen the more factoids about me you shall get :)  Well, there’s lots more I could say but I hope you’ll just listen and subscribe for now. Leave me a review on one of the services. That really helps spread the word and you don’t miss any episodes when you dubscribe. It’s great imagining people out there listening and being entertained by this podcast. Enjoy your day! And as Roger Ebert used to say, “See you at the movies.”

Email Damien: rileyonfilm at gmail.com

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