Body Horror, Podcasting & Banter w my Guest Rik Morgan

Body horror is one of the most disturbing types. In this episode we dialog about it. To imagine being maimed or disfigured with no ability to heal or change back is horrifying for sure. Here are some of the films I had great dialog about with my guest Rik Morgan of “Hail Ming Power Hour,” “House of Whacks” and other great podcasts.

The Brood
Deathdream (Rik recommended to me but we don’t talk much about this one)
The Thing
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
from Beyond
Human Centipede
Eyes Without a Face

My guest:

In this show I welcome for the first time to my show, podcaster and Youtuber Rik Morgan. I discovered his show looking at my friends’ lists of podcasters on Twitter. The first one I listened to was “Short Bus Cinema” and I about cracked up listening. Since then I have discovered he has many projects the latest of which is a Youtube show called House of Whacks. Here’s the preview, if you have a chance to watch it I hope you enjoy!

Rik is a great talent and I was glad to have him as a guest on my show. Watch for a return visit! And keep your fingers crossed!

The rest of our show today was about body horror films.

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