Ep. 59 – The Exploding Girl

I loved this film, a really great date flick. I also really love my sound effects CD so I jumped at the chance to use the grenade explosion sound. This is part and parcel of my odd sense of humor.

Don’t think I blow people up as a habit. The funniest part of this is that she really never explodes in the film. It’s a metaphor for epilepsy. Tell me how you like the soud effect anyway, I’ve played it 3 times for my family and they’re starting to worry about me for cackling so loud.

Just kidding, this is a great film. Do watch it!

College can be a rough time, even for those who are 100% healthy. In this case, we have a protagonist with epilepsy. She’s trying to find love that eludes her time and time again.

I like films like this that look almost like hidden camera footage. When a girl and her roommate stay up watching TV, hanging off the couch talking about life, you are among them. It’s really a hard time when you’re out of high school in your early years of adulthood. You want the job, the enjoyment, and the love that culture promises and yet, it doesn’t translate that way.

We see a girl who is stuck in unrequited love, trying to improve a relationship tat is sadly one-sided. When one is new at love, there is so much that has to be learned the hard way. Then, there is the “Ducky” type of friend who shares her apartment. Is their friendship destined to stay platonic or will it grow into a sexual thing.

Thes are the basic elements of this film. My wife thought it dragged on a bit. I, on the other hand, liked the mysterious ether-like feeling of the film. For me, it was a peering into the life of a brave young girl with no answers. I found it inspiring in an odd way. Maybe because I don’t yet have the answers and I felt for her in that stage of life. I recommend it as a thoughtful romantic drama.


Author: Damien Riley

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