Me Doing “Nacho Libre” Quotes

Presenting another 5 min episode! In this one I “interpret,” in other words, “act out” quotes from a movie. “Nacho Libre” is a movie that may grow on you or not. In my case, after thinking it was “meh,” I came to really love watching it multiple times. It’s the story of a humble monk who has a nagging vision to be a wrestler in Mexico. “I love it, it’s the best!”

There are many resources you can seek out to learn more about the film. Not the least of these is the movie itself. Even if you’ve already seen it, give it a second chance. Here are some quotes from IMDB that may win you over. I am always reciting these with family and friends. I had a nagging vision to record my “recitings” of these as an episode on my podcast “The Damien Riley Podcast.” It’s a little fun. Hope you enjoy.


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