S02E18: What I’ve Been Watching

From the cinematography award winning film “Ballast” to “Christopher Robin” I share with you what I’ve been watching this past week. It’s a nice variety this week. I hope … Read the rest

S02E17: Searching

As I write this, “Searching” is the #12 most popular movie on IMDB (America). It’s doing well because it is well crafted. It works not only because it uses … Read the rest

S02E16: The Nun

Leading horror fans into “the Conjuring” and “Annabelle” franchise, we now have “the Nun.” I saw it this evening and was eager to set down in my studio to … Read the rest

S02E15: Jaws

After watching “the Meg” and “47 Meters Down” recently, I was drawn to re-watch “Jaws.” It’s simply the best shark film ever made! Listen to me share about why … Read the rest

S02E14: The Meg

The Meg gets my seal of approval, because it eats seals (lol)

Go see this one in a final Summer movie trip hurrah! Listen to my review and find … Read the rest

S02E13: Peggy Sue Got Married

The mid-eighties film about Peggy Sue who gets catapulted back into her senior year of high school. The actress is Kathleen Turner. It’s directed by the world renowned Francis … Read the rest

S02E12: Raiders of the Lost Ark

There is a fine line between paying tribute to movie serials and making a movie that is effective with its audience, apart from its influences Speilberg manages to pull … Read the rest

S02E11: District 9

“District 9” is a sci-fi action drama where aliens are forced to live in the slums when all while the government gradually mistreats them as second class interlopers. We … Read the rest

S02E10: Me Doing “Nacho Libre” Quotes

Presenting another 5 min episode! In this one I “interpret,” in other words, “act out” quotes from a movie. “Nacho Libre” is a movie that may grow on you … Read the rest

S02E09: 47 Meters Down

This scary shark thriller is now streaming on Netflix. It’s definitely the ride of a lifetime but without the filmmaking craftmanship of “Jaws” or “The Shallows.” This is a … Read the rest