The Haunting of Hill House, Sweet Country, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot + 3 Others

In this episode of my podcast, I had the joy of sharing about 5 popular films. Remember if you listen to my show or want to start, you can … Read the rest

Hellfest, Hearts Beat Loud, Hotel Artemis, Apostle, Goosebumps 2

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Bunch o Films: Three Identical Strangers, Leave no Trace, & 4 More

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Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix, Fall 2018

The Witch, The Ritual, Tusk, Hush, Creep, The Chernobyl Diaries, Creep 2, The Devil’s Candy, A Dark Song, Beyond the Gates. As of 10-04-2018, these 10 horror films were … Read the rest

S02E22: Smallfoot, Ghost Stories, Downfall, First Reformed, Maniac

Listen to my film reviews of these popular movies: Smallfoot, Ghost Stories, Downfall, First Reformed, Maniac. Duration 11:20

Transcripts of each review are linked below

Smallfoot (2018)
Ghost Stories Read the rest

S02E21: Assassination Nation, Upgrade, Blackkklansman, & Slenderman

Reviews of all 4 of these popular films. Full show notes:

Assassination Nation (2018)
Dressing a LOT like “The Purge,” this film shows America what could be the natural … Read the rest

S02E20: Revenge and I Saw the Devil

One of these is a darn good revenge horror flick. The other is the best I’ve ever seen. You’ll have to listen in to find out which is which! … Read the rest

S02E19: Mandy

Much anticipation of this film starring Nic Cage has come to fruition in its streaming on-demand release. This is no B Movie, I give it a 9/10 which is … Read the rest

S02E18: What I’ve Been Watching

From the cinematography award winning film “Ballast” to “Christopher Robin” I share with you what I’ve been watching this past week. It’s a nice variety this week. I hope … Read the rest

S02E17: Searching

As I write this, “Searching” is the #12 most popular movie on IMDB (America). It’s doing well because it is well crafted. It works not only because it uses … Read the rest