Ep. 94: Mulholland Drive

Have a listen to my film summary and review of the mysterious masterpiece “Mulholland Drive.” David Lynch is a gifted filmmaker. He’s made an impact that will be felt … Read the rest

Ep. 93: Eyes Without a Face

In this podcast I give my summary of “Eyes Without a Face.” An excellent thriller/horror from 1960. For what it is, a creepy and scary “body horror” film way … Read the rest

Ep. 92: All I See is You

Listen to my film summary and review of this film, “All I See is You.” I found it to be a great thriller with some excellent acting and writing. … Read the rest

Ep. 91: Dark Country

A horror noir film set in Las Vegas. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and talked a lot about why it works. I hope you enjoy listening.

Dark Country (2009)

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Ep. 90: Berberian Sound Studio

Sound effects to me are so cool. I’ve always been interested in them. I recall they used to show how they made movie sounds in a pre-trailer ad for … Read the rest

Ep. 89: Sami Blood

One review I read before watching this film said, “Open up to this film.” That’s what I did and I am glad. It is beautiful to look at and … Read the rest

Ep. 88: Barracuda

My score: 8/10. Damien Riley’s Audio review of the film “Barracuda” (2017).
1h 40min | Drama, Music, Thriller | 11 March 2017 (USA)

With Prime Video
A … Read the rest

Ep. 87: Prometheus

It takes place in the same Alien universe with the same sorts of life forms only other species thereof. This could be considered a prequel that requires another movie … Read the rest

Ep. 86: What I Been Watchin 4/7/2018

Hey there readers and listeners! This is my output for Monday 4/7/2018. “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women,” “Upstream Color,” “Headless,” & “The Female Brain.” I put a little … Read the rest