S02E17: Searching

As I write this, “Searching” is the #12 most popular movie on IMDB (America). It’s doing well because it is well crafted. It works not only because it uses the visually alluring technique of being presented 100% from a computer screen (like “Unfriended,” “The Den”) but because it has a great story too. The director in essence asks parents whether they should trust their kids and what they are up to online.

I was able to get this recorded and edited about when I had planned, usually every Tue and Sun: 5am pst. I hope you enjoy. “Searching” is a drama/suspense/thriller worth watching. It’s even being compared to Hitchcock suspense levels. Join me was I talk for just over a half an hour about this type of innovative genre and whether it works as well in other films of this type. Let me know what you thought of this film and/or my review. I like to have dialog with listeners here in the comments and on Twitter where I am @thedrpodcast

Here is an excerpt from the episode:

I’m gonna talk about 3 films in this episode but mostly just 1, “Searching.” Well, I just saw this and it’s a drama/mystery/thriller. So when I first looked at this and some of the ads and trailers I didn’t know what to think. I saw a solid choice of casting with John Cho and Debra Messing. The Director is Aneesh Chaganty. He is a first time director. He really took on a lot with this film. I can’t imagine all the little technical notes and screens that needed to be used in the direction of this film. The actors were good so that likely it helped his to do list but still, I think directing this required a lot of extra skills and talents.


If you want to say something spoilerish in the comments or on my Twitter, go for it and I always respond to comments as well.

We see John Cho’s character go from a loving but somewhat distant dad to a highly dedicated Dad searching for his daughter. His daughter’s name is Margot and she is played by several “as she grows up” actresses. The final Margot is played by Michelle La, she is very beautiful and does an excellent job.


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