S02E12: Raiders of the Lost Ark

There is a fine line between paying tribute to movie serials and making a movie that is effective with its audience, apart from its influences Speilberg manages to pull … Read the rest

Ep. 101: Mad Max: Fury Road

I really enjoyed recording some thoughts and impressions about this movie. This film is an extension of the Mad Max movies but one that extends far out into an … Read the rest

Ep. 85: Deadpool

Ok! It’s time for the new review on the podcast this week! Hope you can have a listen.

Since this wacky superhero film came out, it’s been all the … Read the rest

Ep. 70 – ‘Ready Player One’ and ‘About Schmidt’

Damien reviews 2 movies in this episode: A hugely popular new one and one from a while back with Jack Nicholson. Join Damien as he goes through these 2 … Read the rest