Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix

The Witch, The Ritual, Tusk, Hush, Creep, The Chernobyl Diaries, Creep 2, The Devil’s Candy, A Dark Song, Beyond the Gates. As of 10-04-2018, these 10 horror films were streaming on Netflix. I selected these 10 as my favorites of all the horror that was available.

Netflix is the biggest service out there so I figured I could get some good tips out to a lot of people through this post. I haven’t rated them in any particular order. I hope you find one or more interesting sounding and go see them on Netflix. So I hope you can take a little time and hear what I have to say about these horror films and why I picked them. Interact with me about these films on Twitter at @thedrpodcast Happy October Scares!

Full list on IMDB